How to Take a Risk with Fashion

Taking a risk with fashion can be daunting, you find yourself recalling on the fashion disasters you have ever made in the past putting you off ever going slightly risqué again.

Envisage yourself standing in a shop or looking at a piece online and thinking ‘I love this outfit so much’ but then wondering how on earth would you pull that off. Well, here at Adorabold we are going to give you some practical advice and guidance on how to take a risk with your fashion choice.

If you are still skeptical, then don’t worry we will start off with a few basic ideas you can take on your journey to taking risks in fashion.

Stop Wearing Black

Don’t get us wrong, black is a great, versatile color, it can go with everything. On the other hand, it is also the ‘safe color’ for when you are unsure of how to match or create an outfit. From now on, every time you automatically reach for your black top or trousers, stop! Think what else could I wear with this, try on a few different choices and pick your favorite, it will sure be noticed by your family and co-workers.

Tie a Knot in your Top

Instead of wearing a crop or shorter top with your much-loved printed skirt or trousers, why not try tying a knot in your top or blouse. This style was all the craze back in the 90's and is starting to come back into fashion again with this style being shown across social media.

You might be worried about showing a bit of flesh, but don’t be – this is a great way to make you feel confident in your own skin and create a bit of an edge to any outfit.

Buy a Piece with a High Slit

Be daring show off your fabulous legs with high slit printed skirt or dress, this a great way to feel body confident and take a risk in your fashion choice. A good way to start with this is on a warm summer day where you desire to wear a weather appropriate outfit. Trust us, once you purchase one high slit skirt or dress, you won’t be able to get enough.

 Author: Elke R.