How Fashion Choices Can Impact your Mood

In the digital age, we are quick to discover the latest must have luxury item or the newest fashion trend. With updated news across social medias, we are fed with a range of fashion choices, styles and looks without knowing which one to choose or would best suit us.

Indulging in new clothing is a favorite pastime for the majority of women, shopping on the highstreets, online or from apps wanting to purchase the next big thing in fashion. However, it is fair to say that not all clothing is right for everyone and daily outfit choices can most certainly have a direct impact on your mood.

Each morning (or afternoon!) we choose outfits as a way of self-expression and to display our personality, in other ways we also make fashion choices based on our mood. More commonly, outfits represent our mood for a particular day, in other cases our clothes can be a way to mask or even control our emotions.

When it comes to clothing and mood, size does matter. Our bodies go through changes throughout our lives, causing clothes to be too tight or too loose and frankly this can influence your mood. If clothes that used to fit perfectly, now feel too tight, this can have a negative impact on your emotions. 

Strangely enough, if women are unhappy, they are much more likely to wear jeans or a baggy top when they wouldn’t necessarily do so. In other words, if we are feeling down, us women will choose outfits which communicate our mood.

On to the more positive notes, do you ever find you choose to wear the same outfit over again? Well, it has been proven that if someone compliments your clothing or appearance you are more likely to wear this outfit more often. This is due to the good feeling you receive when given a complement.

Overall to create a positive and motivational mood, women should purchase clothing which enhances the part of their body they adore most about themselves. Buying items with good material, which are comfortable has much better influence on your cognitive mood.

In summary, wear clothes which best suit your body shape, learn what fits you well and what doesn’t – this will change over time, have a range of colors in your wardrobe and wear clothes which enhance your favorite body features.

Author: Elke R