Can Plus Size Women Wear Prints?

It's a silly question but people often ask. Can plus size women wear prints?

The answer is ABSOLUTELY 100% YES!

Adorabold wants to empower all women to feel confident and stylish wearing prints. We offer our plus size collection to encourage those with curvy figures to love the clothes they wear and feel they are on trend with fashion.

Our plus size ranges are inspired using animal, floral paisley, boho chic, geometric and artistic prints. We offer all clothing types within this collection from dresses, jumpsuits to swimwear to make sure everyone has access to trending, great quality clothing.

How to Dress for your Figure

Firstly, women come in all shapes and sizes! Everyone dresses differently depending on their body. The most important advice we can give to make you feel confident in your clothes, is dress for your body shape and accentuate the features you love! 

If you are curvy don’t be afraid to show off your figure, some styles of clothing are designed to display your waist and hips. On the other hand, if you have a rectangle figure or straight up and down, enhance your bust.

If an outfit has light or bright colors our eyes are naturally drawn to these colors and away from darker colors. So accentuate your best features with light and bright colors! In the picture above you were probably drawn to her bright top first! 

For all plus size women, before shopping and styling think about what works best for your own body shape and purchase clothing to compliment your great figure.

Rocking Prints as a Plus Size

For ladies of any size, it is normal to be hesitant to wear prints in bold colors, however it is important to embrace your own figure, show it off and wear bold colors and prints which make you feel confident. Prints come in warm or cool colors so you can choose which best suits your own complexion. If you are anxious to take the plunge, start simple with a top which you can wear with jeans or trousers and explore from there.

As for prints on tops and trousers, it is always a great idea to compliment these with bold color alternative. For example, if you have a print top put this together with single color trousers and for print trousers style them with a white shirt or blouse for a more formal look.

If you ready, feel free to mix prints! Might sound way off the radar for many, however some women out there who rock this look. Carefully select prints and colors which complement one another and go for it!

If you're ready to go bold shop our Plus Size Fashion collection!

Author: Elke R.